Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields:


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The airfields covered within this state are accessible via the following:

Florida, Daytona Beach area

Updated 2/10/24

Florida, Jacksonville, Southeastern

Updated 6/7/23

Florida, Orlando, Northern area

Updated 3/10/22

Florida, Pensacola, Southwestern area

Updated 10/16/22

Florida, Eglin area

Updated 2/21/20

Florida, Jacksonville, Southwestern

Updated 10/19/22

Florida, Orlando, Southeastern area

Updated 4/28/24

Florida, Pensacola, Western area

Updated 12/8/20

Florida, Ft. Lauderdale area

Updated 7/26/21

Florida Keys

Updated 7/2/22

Florida, Orlando, Southwestern area

Updated 6/7/24

Florida, Tallahassee area

Updated 9/27/22

Florida, Ft. Myers area

Updated 6/16/23

Florida, Miami, Central

Updated 7/19/24

Florida, Pensacola, Eastern area

Updated 2/21/23

Florida, Tampa, Northern area

Updated 2/28/23

Florida, Jacksonville, Northeastern

Updated 10/13/23

Florida, Miami, Northern

Updated 11/25/23

Florida, Pensacola, Northern area

Updated 2/13/21

Florida, Tampa, Southern area

Updated 12/14/23

Florida, Jacksonville, Northwestern

Updated 3/8/23

Florida, Miami, Southern

Updated 5/23/24

Florida, Pensacola, Northwestern area

Updated 1/18/23