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History & mystery combined.”

On the following pages, you will find information on vanished or abandoned airfields & their unusual histories.

As a pilot, a particular interest of mine has always been the abandoned airfields that dot the landscape of much of this country.

Both for their potential safety value to a pilot in an emergency,

and also for their sometimes fascinating history, this particular topic has always held my curiosity.

When I'm a passenger on commercial flights,

I've always found myself looking out the window, constantly looking for airfields below.

When I fly as a pilot myself, I've always tried to land at as many airports as possible,

to learn a little about each one.


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Airfield entries recently added to the website include:

Warsaw Airport KY, Sioux Center Airport IA, Orange City Airport IA, Arcola Airport NJ, Evergreen Acres Airport DE, Bush-Leland Airport NV, Dover Airport NV,

Ferguson Landing Field NC, Ft. Monmouth Airfield NJ, Lindbergh Field IL, Tillamook Coastway #1 Airport OR, Kannapolis Airport NC, and updates to many others.

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